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Fan Milk PLC

Fan Milk PLC was incorporated in 1961 and commenced production in 1963. Today Fan Milk operates a modern production facility in the city of Ibadan. With the strong Fan Milk brand and more than 800 employees Fan Milk PLC is a leading manufacturer and marketer of dairy food products with distribution channels nationwide in Nigeria.

The Fan Milk Group operates in seven West African countries. For more than 50 years, the group has produced and sold affordable frozen dairy and juice products directly to consumers through a unique street vending system. Through persistent leadership and innovation, Fan Milk has adapted to the local environment and proven its business model is sustainable for long term growth. Over the years, the Group has created thousands of jobs and today employs 1.700 people and engages with 30.000 agents and vendors

In November 2013 Abraaj Capital partners and DANONE acquired Fan Milk. The Fan Milk brand and products will continue to grow its presence in the West African market and at the same time provide a platform for DANONE’s growth in the region and beyond.

For more information, please refer to: www.fanmilk.com

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